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Crediblock provides credibility through technology in disruptive niche markets such as Pre IPO (Secondaries). FinTech on steroids. LLC provides technology to a select elite high quality institutions including but not limited to broker-dealers, investment banks, commodity trading advisors, and introducing brokers.

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Chris Forbes

Senior Partner - Brokerage

Joseph Gelet

Senior Partner - Technology

Trey Rawles

Senior Partner - Sales LLC is a FinTech company that develops technology for financial services, with a focus on niche, disruptive markets. For example, Private Equity has evolved to something called "Pre IPO" which is a unique market for accredited investors only, which is shaping the next generation of disruptive investments, so Crediblock built - see some othe product areas below.

*Note that technologies are licensed to institutions only. LLC is FinTech for Disruptive Niche Markets. We are a group of Wall St. veterans that is dedicated to building the next generation of technology for global markets.


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